Reimagine familiar technologies.

WiFi is everywhere. It’s so pervasive and familiar, that we take it for granted. Our team believes it can do so much more. At Aerial, we’re leveraging advances in AI and signal processing to unlock new information from WiFi signals, and ultimately perceive the world in a completely new dimension.

Create solutions to help people everywhere

We believe our technology can change people’s lives all over the world. With device-free residential applications for smart home, security, and home care, we’re developing a truly foundational technology. 

Discover together.

Everyone on our team is valued for the skills and expertise that they bring, but the complexity of this problem requires that we solve it together. This means that sometimes you teach and sometimes you learn, and it all happens with excitement, energy, and a distinct family feel.

“Right away, I was convinced. It is a new technology and nobody does anything similar. It’s a really cool field, and I believe this is going to be the company of the future, and I believe we are going to be implemented all over the world in the next few years. I saw that in the first talk I had with Michel and I still believe that. This is really what’s driving me to work here.”

Mathieu Rozon
Research and Development